AuviTran’s AVS-Monitor is a Windows application that runs on a remote PC connected to DANTE and/or EtherSound networks, through standard Ethernet connections. AVS-Monitor can detect and control several DANTE and EtherSound devices, providing a vast set of controls for compatible devices.

AVS-Monitor is fully compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Seven for both 32 and 64 bits architecture.

AVS-Monitor comes several tools:

  • AVS-Monitor: user interface to control and monitor devices
  • AVS-Editor: offline EtherSound architecture editor
  • AVS-Control Panel: one interface to set all parameters

AVS-ESMonitor allows:

  • Automtic detection of connected EtherSound devices
  • Automatic discovery of EtherSound network architecture
  • Quick overview of audio assignment
  • Direct routing management from Source to Receivers
  • Control of more than 40 EtherSound devices type
  • Several instance running at the same time on same EtherSound network
  • Direct diagnosis of EtherSound network quality
  • Offline architecture building and management
  • Import/Export of full EtherSound architecture and properties
  • Macro usage to quickly switch from one configuration to another
  • Logging activity of EtherSound network to trace disconnection, architecture modification, …
  • Optionnal user management with login, password and three levels of access for each user
  • Advanced setup for fine-tuning application reactivity
  • Group management for specific devices
  • And many more to discover by yourself…


New release candidate available : v5.11.49 (r5204) released on May, 2018

What’s new

  • Evolution: Support new device AV-WALL .
  • Evolution: New GUI for analogic devices on ToolBox.
  • Evolution: Update monitoring GUI.
  • Evolution: Rewrite start phase.
  • Evolution: Rewrite Web Gateway.
  • Evolution: Suppress automatic installation of EtherSound drivers.
  • Evolution: Neumann DMI gateway integration.(special thanks to Alain)
  • Evolution: Net-Patch and IO Path are optional, see AVS-ControlPanel AVS-Monitor section.
  • Evolution: Add new Digigram OEM card.
  • Evolution: Add Dante device locked information.
  • Evolution: Supervision of clock synchronisations.
  • Evolution: New firmware viewer.
  • Evolution: Add informations on Dante Clock configuration .
  • Evolution: Add Dante Clock configuration proposition.
  • Evolution: New version presentation on firmware manager.
  • Evolution: Short name on net-patch for AVBx.
  • Evolution: Automatic clock settings after factory.
  • Evolution: Automatic SRC on AES/EBU input after factory.
  • Fix : SWD5G settings.
  • Fix : WebView locked.
  • Fix : Monitoring conflicts.
  • Fix : EtherSound dependancy.
  • Fix : JavaScript on Edge/Win10.
  • Fix : Monitoring channels already use on matrix.
  • Fix : Service socket management.
  • Fix : Dante service wrapper.
  • Fix : Eq. management on DSP device.
  • Fix : show io-patch.
  • Fix : AVS-Monitor freeze after PC standby.
  • Fix : Name management on old device (EtherSound).
  • Fix : Monitoring save parameters.
  • Fix : BOB links.
  • Fix : DSP vu meters.
  • Fix : JS library.
  • Fix : AxC-ES100 blink tunnelling.


Latest version available : v5.10.38 (r4746) released on October, 2017

What’s new

  • Evolution: AVS-service performance optimisation (x2) .
  • Evolution: AVS-monitor AVBx GUI optimisation (x4).
  • Evolution: Backup guarantee of ES registers on AVBx.
  • Evolution: Monitoring all audio channels on AVBx7 and AVBx3M. (New firmwares mandatory, see AVS-Firmware updater )
  • Evolution: New page with accurate vu meters.
  • Evolution: Save status “Disable CTL+SHIFT” confirmation.
  • Evolution: Add alert if log are enable.
  • Evolution: Suppress obsolete settings options.
  • Evolution: GUI evolution for AVDT-BOB.
  • Evolution: Monitoring EtherSound Network, on minimized mode.
  • Evolution: Monitoring AVBx, on minimized mode (UPI or Dante devices), alarms on:
    • AVBx internal temperature > 68°.
    • AVBx Main and secondary alimentations.
    • SWD5G Ethernet port disconnected.
    • SWD5G Ethernet port error.
  • Evolution: Multiple network interface supervision.
  • Evolution: Support new AxC-ADSP software with Digital Signal Processing. (special thanks to Ludo & Charly)
  • Evolution: New optimized AVS-WebBrowser for Digital Signal Processing GUI
  • Evolution: New Digigram EtherSound Drivers.
  • Evolution: New Rebuild Matrix (New firmwares mandatory, see AVS-Firmware updater ).
  • Fix:Save scenes on JavaScript GUI.
  • Fix:Vu-meters page.
  • Fix:DSP setting on AVBx3.
  • Fix:DSP and bob GUI Fader management.
  • Fix:Madi setting on AVBx3.
  • Fix:AxC-Dante Rio mode with new Firmware.
  • Fix:BOB Output vu-meters.
  • Fix:Restore from flash.
  • Fix:EtherSound runtime installation.
  • Fix:EtherSound DSR history.
  • Fix:Monitoring with latest core firmware.


For Windows XP pack3 ( EtherSound Only )



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