AVS-Firmware Updater is now integrated into the AVS-Monitor software. You can find it in the "Control" tab.

Old versions of AVS-Firmware Updater are now considered obsolete.


Latest bundle of firmwares (July 2023)
AVS-Firmware Updater V4.68 (June 2018) for Windows 10, 8, 7, XP for 32/64 bits
User's manual


Release notes firmwares April 2023

What's in V4.68?
  • AVY16-ES100 Version: 0xE06 (EtherSound kernel v3.09), improved reliability
  • AVY16-ES100 Version: 0xE05 ASIO Version (EtherSound kernel v3.09)
  • AVY16-ES100 Version: 0xE03 VuMeter Version (EtherSound kernel v3.09)
  • AVP4-ES100 version: 0x1302 (EtherSound kernel v3.09)
  • AVA4-ES100 version: 0x1604 (EtherSound kernel v3.09)
  • AVM500-ES Version: 0x110E/0x118E (EtherSound kernel v3.09) - Please refer to user's manual for update procedure
  • AVNF49-ES100 Version: 0x1002 Generic device monitoring version, 0x1003 NXAMP device monitoring version
  • AV3rd-ES100 Version: 0xF07 (EtherSound kernel v3.09), 3rd port access correction
  • AVRed-ES100 Version: 0xF01 (EtherSound kernel v3.09)
  • AVi64-ES100 version: 0x1203 (EtherSound kernel v3.09) Rev. 2
  • AVB32 Kit ES100 Version: 0x1504 (EtherSound kernel v3.09)
  • AVKit-ES100 Version: 0x204 (EtherSound kernel v3.09)

It also includes previous firmwares, and partners firmware:

  • Yamaha Firmware Version: 0xC18, 0xC16, 0xC12
  • Allen and Heath Firmware Version: 0x903 rev 2
  • Innovason Firmware Version: 0x106
  • AxC-ES100 Version: 0x1A06 (EtherSound kernel v3.09)/0x202
  • AVY16-ES100 Version: 0xE01
  • AVY16-ES Version: 0x104, 0x103
  • AVB32-ES Version: 0x605
  • AVB32 Kit ES100 Version: 0x1502, 0x1503
  • AVKit for AD8HR Version: 0x202
  • AVRed-ES Version: 0x404, 0x403
  • AVM500-ES Version: 0x110D/0x118D, 0x110C/0x118C, 0x110B/0x118B, 0x110A/0x1189