The AV-WALL-DT2i , AV-WALL-DT4i and AV-WALL-DT4o are cost-effective wall box solutions that are available in an incredible small size of less than 45x45mm.

The AV-WALL-DT2i allows you to connect a Bluetooth stereo input to 2 Dante channels via a pairing button.

The AV-WALL-DT4i offers 64dB of true preamp gain on 2 professional XLR Mic inputs and 40dB of gains at line level on a stereo mini Jack connector.

All gains can be controlled remotely via network or locally via direct rotative push buttons per steps of 1dB. An optional BlueTooth stereo input module can be connected for additional direct Bluetooth to Dante connection.

The AV-WALL-DT4oB Dante offers 2x XLR Line out and a stereo Bluetooth out Interface to Dante with an OLED screen display plus a local push button for local control and can also be controlled remotely.


AV-WALL-BT-EXT: Optional Bluetooth extension for AV-WALL-DT4i and AV-WALL-DT4i-LE only.