AVS-Firmware Updater Release notes

History of firmwares.

  • AxC-Dante package 2.002 (released on October, 2019)
    • Fix : Control Audio Toolbox.
  • AxC-AVB package 1.023 (released on July, 2019)
    • Evolution : Support AVB AEM824 formats .
    • 32 Channels @48K.
    • 16 Channels @96K.
  • AxC-Dante package 1.035 (released on June, 2019)
    • Fix : Gain alignement on Rio Mode.
    • Evolution : New Dante kernel
      • MIL-4923: Support up to 64 distinct channels per flow
      • EM-2142: extensions to configd permissions for embedded controllers
      • EM-1968: Make Failsafe Port Configurable
      • EM-2669: DDP: Extend TFTP filename to 127 characters
      • EM-2670: Enable detailed logging for BHIP DDP
      • MIL-2876: Support up to 6 clock ports in DDP
      • EM-2703: Device level redundancy in domain
      • EM-2733: Support wide-area friendly name registration even while part of a domain
      • EM-1954: Don’t mask srate and pull-ups on entering AES67 mode
      • EM-1967: Do not access control Rx / Tx mute
      • EM-1618: DanteReady message never sent
      • EM-1789: Incorrect Remote Access Policy in unmanaged mode
      • EM-1733: ConMon firmware update request is not fully access-controlled
      • EM-1970: Add manf override to ConMon capabilities
      • EM-2145: Ability to clear static discovery
      • EM-2454: Device upgrade should fail when the upgrade file name is > 128 chars
      • EM-2503: DDP AES67 response message has incorrect information if AES67 is disabled in capability config
      • EM-2710: Re-initialise multicast flow after an encoding change
      • MIL-4378: PTP unable to sync with large sync intervals
      • EM-2717: (FPGA) integer divider vs. selection for dante clock sync
      • EM-2418: Latency change via DDP does not change the latency of the flow
      • EM-2699: Fix sample rate change over DDP
      • EM-2497: Fix issue: subscriptions that become unresolved fail to come back promptly
      • EM-2725: TX Channel labels have an incorrect ID
      • MIL-5219: Send ConMon notification on RTP property change
      • MIL-5209: Rx subscriptions to Tx channels involving non-existent labels may not resolve when the correct labels are applied to their respective channels
      • MIL-5224: Protect against load issues when changing RTP multicast prefix
      • MIL-5243: ConMon: Tx label change does not provide changed channel ID to use with ARCP Tx DBCP query
      • EM-2745: DDP manf override does not override model ID correctly
      • MIL-5278: Update SAP advert when clock domain changes
      • MIL-5334: RTP flows will occasionally generate bad session ID
      • EM-1719: Device broadcast incorrect whenever the subnet mask length is not a multiple of 8
      • EM-2486: Broadcast address calculation for static IP is always
  • AxC-Dante package 1.020 (released on May, 2019)
    • Exchange optimization with AVS-Monitor to avoid fake disconnections alarms.
  • AxC-Dante package 1.018 (released on April, 2019)
    • Fix critical bug if length of Dante device name < 4 characters.
  • AxC-Dante 2.014 / 6.015 (released on March, 2019)
    • DDM management.
    • Sharing only Dante settings, audio stream and mask AVBx settings.
    • Fix Yamaha Rio V5.10.(Special thanks at Charly, M+, Ludo )
    • Dante API
  • AVDT-BOB 1.029 (released on November, 2018)
    • Add AES67 management to AVDT-BOB with S/N above 500.
    • Add DDM (Dante Domain Manager) management to AVDT-BOB with S/N above 500.
    • Add backup and restore settings to file.
    • “Reset to Factory Settings” mode now erase all previously saved scenes.
    • Function “Reboot” of the Dante Controller is now activated and restarts the AVDT-BOB.
    • Startup process security enforcement for DSP and Dante core.
    • Internal functional bug fixes for better management of involuntary reconnections/disconnections.
  • X-Core (AVBx7/AVBx3M) 1.051 (released on November, 2018)
    • Toolbox startup process improvement.
    • Clock management improvement with an AxC-ADSP card in ASRC mode.
    • ASRC channel count bug fix when changing sample rate.

    Fixed in AVS-Firmware Updater v4.62 released on October, 2017

    1. Evolution: AxcDante Add Dante LOCK support.
    2. Evolution: New embedded software for AxC-DSP card, mode DSP et ASRC .
      • 64 mixers.
      • 64 inputs / 64 outputs , including for each track:
        • 16-band parametric equalization.
        • RMS and PEAK compressors.
        • Delay 2 second.
      • Multi-OS WeB GUI( iOS/OS X/Android/Windows/Linux ).
    3. Fix: Restor from flash.
    4. Fix: PRESETS managements on AVBx.
    5. Fix: Emergency clock on AVBx3.
    6. Fix: Load and save I/O on AxC-ES100.
    7. Fix: Boot start-up on AVDT-BOB.
    8. Fix: 2nd boot parameter for GUI compatibility.

    Fixed in AVS-Firmware Updater v4.45 (2017-06)

    • Download AVS-FirmwareUpdater 4.45
    • AxC-CoreX (0x020C/0x0128): Add two save slot (8->10). Get ready for DSP mode of ADSP card. Monitoring feature release.
    • AVDT-BOB (4231/0x011E): Add an interface to change IP addr of the device with the Dante controller. Factory setting available at start-up linking pin 3&4 ( first line above euroblock line on the mother board)
    • AxC_CoreMini (0x0411): Get ready for DSP mode of ADSP card.

    Fixed in AVS-Firmware Updater v4.44 (2017-05)

    • Download AVS-FirmwareUpdater 4.44
    • Add information messages in automatic mode to warn user of none accessible cards from this toolbox access.
    • AxC-CoreX (0x0126): Improve automatic GPIO actions.
    • AVDT-BOB (4011/0x011C): Fix optical fibber connection failure bring by firmware 0x011A.
      • Patch R1:  AxC-CoreX (0x0127): Fan speed modification.

    Fixed in AVS-Firmware Updater v4.43 Release Candidate: “multiple sample rate” (2017-01)

    Fixed in AVS-Firmware Updater v4.41 Release Candidate: “multiple sample rate” (2017-01)

    • Download AVS-FirmwareUpdater 4.41
    • AVS-FirmwareUpdater:  Ready for AxC_MADI with SFP cages. More details when flashing AVDT_BOB and AxC_ADSP cards.
    • AVDT-BOB: 3576/0x0116 – Fix a rare random timing startup sequence that could lead to a DSP error.
    • AxC_SWD5G: 0x10A – Fix RSTP BDPU corruption from last version.
    • AiC_xCore: 0x207/0x11E – Internal logic optimisation.

    Fixed in AVS-Firmware Updater v4.40 Release Candidate: “multiple sample rate” (2016-12)

    • Download AVS-FirmwareUpdater 4.40
    • AVS-FirmwareUpdater:  Ready for AxC_MADI with SFP cages. More details when flashing AVDT_BOB and AxC_ADSP cards.
    • AVDT-BOB: 3463/0x0114 – Add new products: ADE8IO and ADX8IO
    • AxC_ADSP: 0x10A/0x10D.
    • AiC_xCore: 0x206/0x11E – AxC_ADSP in ASRC management changes.
    • AxC_DANTE: 0x209/0x507 – Multiple sample rates fix.
    • AxC_GPIO_WCLK: 0x103 – Multiple sample rates fix.
    • AxC_MADI_SFP: 0x0B0C/0x0107 – New product!
    • AxC_MADI: 0x0B0C/0x0107 – Multiple sample rates fix.
    • AiC_Core_mini: 0x40F – AxC_ADSP in ASRC management changes.

    Fixed in AVS-Firmware Updater v4.34 Release Candidate: “multiple sample rate” (2016-08)

    • Download AVS-FirmwareUpdater 4.34
    • AVS-FirmwareUpdater: Add few restriction in automatic mode.
    • AxC_ADSP: 0x105/0x107:  Fix in IP address change sequence.
    • AxC_SWD5G: 0x109: Fix the bug from the last version that could lead to a save failed.

    Fixed in AVS-Firmware Updater v4.33 Release Candidate: “multiple sample rate” (2016-08)

    IMPORTANT: There is a known error in the version 0x0108 of the AxC_SWD5G that is contained in this package.

    To “repair” your AxC-SWD5G card if the save function of your AVBx frame dose not work after this update, please follow steps below:

    1. Wait for your AVBx frame to start-up (the one where the faulty AxC-SWD5G is slotted in)
    2. Using a thin needle, push the hardware reset button (typically 10~15s) until the front-panel leds lights-up one after another counterclockwise.
    3. Then, start AVSMonitor. Once your Toolbox frame shows-up, select it and push « Ctrl+W », OR use “device function->write to flash”. Both actions will save the toolbox state. This is important to not restart the toolbox between point 2 and the end of point 3.

    From now you can save your toolbox and upgrade your AxC_SWD5G card.

    If you have any trouble, please, contact us.

    • Download AVS-FirmwareUpdater 4.33
    • All toolbox firmwares in 96kHz, 88.2kHz, 48kHz and 44.1kHz and AxC_ADSP compatible, but AxC_MADI (comming soon).
    • AVS-FirmwareUpdater: Fix for slow PC that was leading in timeout during some factory updates.
    • AxC_DANTE: 0x209/0x504.
    • AiC_xCore: 0x115/0x203.
    • AiC_Core_mini: 0x40B.
    • AxC_ADSP: 0x105/0x106.
    • AxC_AX4M: 0x404
    • AxC_AXxx(4I, 4O, AE8IO): 0x704.
    • AxC_GPIO_WCLK: 0x102.
    • AxC_DXxx(DX8I, DX8O, DS32IO): 0x60B.
    • AxC_SWD5G: 0x108.
    • AxC_ES100: 0x303.

    Fixed in AVS-Firmware Updater v4.32 (2016-07)

    • Download AVS-FirmwareUpdater 4.32
    • AVDT-BOB: 2143/0x010A – Few minor fix
    • AxC_DANTE: 0x105/0x407 – DANTE compatibility with AES67
    • AVS-FirmwareUpdater ready for new ADSP cards.

    Fixed in AVS-Firmware Updater v4.28 (2016-02)

    • Download AVS-FirmwareUpdater 4.28
    • AxC_SWD5G: 0x103 – Add multicast filtre for AVBX7 COREX access + User configurable multicast filter on ports (embedded feature UI not yet ready, coming soon).
    • AxC_MADI: 0xA07/0x103 – Improve start-up sequence.
    • AxC_DXxx: 0x504 – Critical fix (no audio at start-up).
    • AVDT-BOB: 2143/0x0108 – Front LEDs enable + few bug FIX.
    • AxC_DANTE: 0x105/0x406 – DANTE Kernel- + Fix on RIO emulation

    Fixed in AVS-Firmware Updater v4.27 (2016-01)

    • Download AVS-FirmwareUpdater 4.27
    • AVS-FirmwareUpdater set AxC_Dante update over an other AxC_Dante not available any more
    • AVDT-BOB : 1950/0x0107 Critical fix in MDNS responder.

    Fixed in AVS-Firmware Updater v4.26 (2015-12)

    • Download AVS-FirmwareUpdater 4.26
    • AxC-DANTE: 0x0105/0x0400. Integration of Dante BBE-3.3.0 and Kernel-3.9.0,20
    • AVBx7 : 0x0602/0x0108.
    • AVDT-BOB : 1950/0x0105 Fix small glitch on analog audio output when power up. Add MDNS capability.

    Fixed in AVS-Firmware Updater v4.18 (2015-01)

    Fixed in AVS-Firmware Updater v4.17 (2014-12)

    • Download AVS-FirmwareUpdater 4.17
    • AxC-SWD5G : 0x0101 – IMPORTANT bug correction of version 0x0100 feature “cable monitoring”. And form 0x0100 – Switch monitoring (Errors, TX/RX power, cable diagnostic…), fast spanning tree, possibility to disable VLAN.

    Fixed in AVS-Firmware Updater v4.12 (2014-08)

    Fixed in AVS-Firmware Updater v4.11 (2014-07)

    Fixed in AVS-Firmware Updater v4.10 (2014-06)

    • Download AVS-FirmwareUpdater 4.10
    • AxC-SWD5G : 0x000C – New AxC-SWD5G firmware with advanced functionnalities.
    • Update algorithm improved
    • Discovery algorithm improved

    Fixed in AVS-Firmware Updater v4.7 (2014-04)

    • Download AVS-FirmwareUpdater 4.7
    • AxC-DANTE : 0x0105 / 0x0301 – New DANTE kernel added and improvements.
    • Audio ToolBox update algotihm improved
    • Update algorithm improved
    • Discovery algorithm improved

    Fixed in AVS-Firmware Updater v3.98 (2013-10)

    • Download AVS-FirmwareUpdater 3.98
    • AxC-Core AVBx7 : 0x0104 / 0x0104 – Matrix management added
    • AxC-MADI : 0x0900 – Mandatory correction
    • Audio ToolBox update algotihm improved

    Fixed in AVS-Firmware Updater v3.96 (2013-04)

    • Download AVS-FirmwareUpdater 3.96
    • AxC-Dante : 0x0104 / 0x0203
    • AxC-ES100 (Core) : 0x0205
    • AxC-DX Cards : 0x0502
    • AxC-AX4M : 0x0302
    • Windows 8 compatibility added
    • Audio ToolBox update algotihm improved
    • Dante device update added

    Fixed in AVS-Firmware Updater v3.84 (2013-01)

    Fixed in AVS-Firmware Updater v3.83 (2012-12)

    • Download AVS-FirmwareUpdater 3.83
    • AxC-ES100 (Core) : 0x0204 (AVBx7 management added)
    • AVB32-100 : 0x1504 (I/O card detection process improved)
    • Testing link algorithm revised for EtherSound kernel older than 2.9

    Fixed in AVS-Firmware Updater v3.61 (2012-10)

    Fixed in AVS-Firmware Updater v3.57 (2012-09)

    Fixed in AVS-Firmware Updater v3.55 (2012-09)

    • Download AVS-FirmwareUpdater 3.55
    • AVBx3 Core: 0x302
    • AxC-ES100 : 0x1A06/0x202
    • AxC-MADI : 0x700/0x101
    • AxC-AX4M : 0x301
    • AxC-AX4I/AX4O/AE8IO : 0x602
    • AxC-DX8I/DX8O/DS32IO: 0x501
    • Toolbox update improved
    • Update algorithm improved to minimize error

    Fixed in AVS-Firmware Updater v3.47 (2012-06)

    Fixed in AVS-Firmware Updater v3.33 (2011-07)

    Fixed in AVS-Firmware Updater v3.32 (2011-05)

    Fixed in the firmware v3.31 (2011-03)

    Fixed in the firmware v3.29 (2010-12)

    • Download AVS-FirmwareUpdater 3.55
    • Yamaha devices Version : 0xC18
    • AuviTran AVNF49-ES100 Versions : Generic device monitoring, NXAMP device monitoring
    • New ES-Driver installation procedure
    • New advanced options available through interface

    Fixed in the firmware v3.22 (2010-04)

    • Download AVS-FirmwareUpdater 3.22
    • Added new firmware with new ASIO functionnality.
    • AVY16-ES100 devices Version : 0xE05.
    • AVM500-ES devices Version : 0x110C/118C.
    • Added new firmware correcting audio issue.
    • AVB32 Kit-ES100 Version : 0x1503.
    • Improved AVS-ESFirmwareUpdater software.

    Fixed in the firmware v3.17 (2010-02)

    • Download AVS-FirmwareUpdater 3.17
    • Firmware that correct, in some cases, the EtherSound channel 1 boot issue.
    • Yamaha devices Version : 0xC16.
    • AVY16-ES100 Version : 0xE03.
    • AVB32 Kit-ES100 Version : 0x1502.
    • AVKit-ES100 Version : 0x204.
    • AVI64-ES100 Version : 0x1203.
    • Improved AVS-ESFirmwareUpdater software.
    • 32/64 bits OS automatic selection at installation.

    Fixed in the firmware v3.10 (2009-08)

    Fixed in the firmware v3.8 (2009-08)

    Fixed in the firmware v3.7 (2009-01)

    Fixed in the firmware v3.6 (2009-01)

    • Download AVS-FirmwareUpdater 3.6
    • AVY16-ES100 Version : 0xE01 : New EtherSound kernel, and timing management improved.
    • AVi64-ES100 Version : 0x102 : Automatic device detection functionality extended.
    • Allen & Heath Firmware Version : 0x107 rev 2 : Firmware improved.
    • Added new Yamaha firmware.

    Fixed in the firmware v3.4 (2008-08)

    • Download AVS-FirmwareUpdater 3.4
    • AVY16-ES Version : 0x104 : Improved consumption at console startup
    • AVRed-ES Version : 0x404 : AVRed-ES coupling management improved
    • AVM500-ES Version : 0x110A/0x1189 : Clock management improved

    Fixed in the firmware v3.2 (2008-04)

    Fixed in the firmware v3.1 (2008-03)

    Fixed in the firmware v2.0i (2007-07)

    • Download AVS-FirmwareUpdater 2.0i
    • EtherSound API v2.0 automatic install process for Windows XP and Vista.
    • AVY16-ES Version : 0x103
    • AVRed-ES Version : 0x403
    • AVB32-ES Version : 0x605
    • AVKit-ES Version : 0x202

    Fixed in the firmware v2.0h (2007-05)

    • Download AVS-FirmwareUpdater 2.0h
    • EtherSound kernel MAC address verification and adjustment implemented.
    • Device recognition improved.
    • Kernel information added.
    • Service restarted if needed when exiting software.
    • AVY16-ES Version : 0x103
    • AVRed-ES Version : 0x403

    Fixed in the firmware v1.6 (2006-10)

    Fixed in the firmware v1.5b (2006-06)

    • Download AVS-FirmwareUpdater 1.5b
    • AVB32-ES Version : 0x604, corrects AVB32-ES/AS2o devices
    • AVY16-ES Version : 0x102
    • AVB32-ES Version : 0x603
    • AVKit for AD8HR Version : 0x201
    • AVRed-ES Version :0x402
    • Includes improved firmware check algorithm.
    • For all Products: Provide hardware serial port tunneling
    • For AVY16-ES: Correct Clock Synchronisation
    • For AVB32-ES: Correct board Slot permutation

    Fixed in the firmware version 1.1.0100 for AVY16-ES only (2005-02)