AVS-Monitor is a free Windows software that allows :

  • Detect and manage the settings of all AuviTran devices, as well as some other manufacturers.
  • Configuring Inter-Format Audio Gateways (Dante / AES-EBU / AES67 / Madi / Cobranet / EtherSound / ADAT / Analog)
  • AVBx7 & AVBx3M Internal Audio Routing Control (Matrix)
  • Remote monitoring of audio channels (up to 895) in mono, stereo and 5.1.
  • Equipment monitoring with alarm history.
  • Supervision and easy configuration of networks (AxC-SWD5G) with a page to configure your VLANs, redundancy etc ….
  • Easy clock configurations on different networks with the possibility of several master clocks (AxC-DX4I / AxC-ADSP / AxC-DS32IO boards) on same networks.
  • Tunnel control MADI over DANTE.
  • Signal Processing, Trim / EQ / Comp / Delay. (AxC-ADSP & AVDT-BOB).
  • AxC-AX4M card configuration for remote control on RIO or AD8HR mode.
  • EtherSound Net-Patch integrated management.
  • Integrated firmware manager for AuviTran equipments.
  • Network QOS diagnosis.
  • Import / export of devices and network architecture.
  • New release candidate available : V6.70.12 released on July, 2020 .

    What’s new

    • Evolution: Support New card AxC-16MO.

    Last stable release : 6.70.11 released on July, 2020 .

    What’s new

    • Evolution: Support New card AxC-16M / AxC-16O.
    • Evolution: Support New AV-WALL-DT2I device.
    • Evolution: New MILAN firmware for AxC-AVB.
    • Evolution: New AxC-Dante firmware with AD8HR bug Fix.
    • Evolution: New GUI for DT4I mode classic and expert.
    • Evolution: New vu-meters for DT4I.
    • Evolution: Support New AV-Wall DT2I device.
    • Evolution: Support New card AxC-8M / AxC-8O.
    • Evolution: Add Agora H1.
    • Evolution: New optimized Toolbox control view.
    • Evolution: New optimized AVS-WebBrowser.
    • Evolution: Bluetooth GUI for DT4I / DT4O .
    • Evolution: New firmware for DT4I / DT4O
    • Evolution: New firmware for AVDT-BOB.
    • Evolution: Add IP management on AxC-AVB Control port.
    • Fix: SFP cage management on SWD5G /R (Special thanks @ludo M.) .
    • Fix: GUI screen management and memory leak .
    • Fix: Ethersound AD8HR restor parameters from file .
    • Fix: NXAMP Unknow settings.
    • Fix: AVDT-BOB / DT4I Mixer master vu-meter.
    • Fix: Ethersound integrity.

    For Windows XP pack3 ( EtherSound Only )

AuviTran Network ASIO Streamer

AuviTran Network ASIO Streamer provides play functionnality of multichannel high quality audio to any EtherSound device, and it can record too! This new feature is available on all new AVY16-ES100, AVM500-ES and AVM500-ES/3ports devices.
With multistream capabilities, you can play and record on 8 devices simultaneously.

Version : 1.5.8 released on March, 2018

What’s new

  • New Windows certificats.
  • Don’t remove configuration on update mode.

AVS-Firmware Updater
AVS-Firmware Updater is now integrated into the AVS-Monitor software.

Available packages for AVS-FirmwareManager

  • Bundle with all latest firmwares versions (released on July, 2020)
  • AV-WALL-DT4I package 2.020 (released on July, 2020)
    • New accruate VU meters !
    • Device handling: AV-Wall-DT2iB (new device with stereo Bluetooth inputs ).
    • Minor fix on Bluetooth device.
  • AxC-Dante package 2.019 (released on July, 2020)
    • Fix : Yamaha AD8HR control mode.
  • AxC-AVB package 3.052 (released on July, 2020)
    • Evolution : Add MILAN 1722.1 control .
  • AxC-Ax16MO package 1.01 (released on May, 2020)
    • Fix the “Activity” LED on the Toolbox front panel that was not forwarded + internal optimizations.
  • AV-WALL-DT4O package 2.0 (released on May, 2020)
    • New Bluetooth interface! Gain limitation with Bluetooth use.
  • AVDT-BOB package 1.039 (released on Febuary, 2020)
    • Evolution: Integration of the very last Audinate kernels.
    • Fix:Improvements on internal memory management and reliability. “Connection lost” bug fix in case of multiple Web Browser refresh actions.
  • AVW-DT4O package 1.027 (released on May, 2019)
    • First version (1.001) of the AV-WALL-DT4O firmware.
  • AVDT-BOB package 1.032 (released on April, 2019)
    • Fix on flash partition management for firmware update.
    • Warning : if updating AVDT-BOB from version 2.022, an error message will display at the end of the update. This message should be ignored, and device can securely be rebooted to run on the new firmware.
  • Latest Firmwares versions.
  • Old AVS-FirmwareUpdater (obsolete) : v4.68 released on June, 2018

    What’s new

    1. AVDT-BOB : Evolution GPIO forwarding
    2. AVDT-BOB : Fix Gui
    3. AVDT-BOB : Fix DSP Startup

AVDT-BOB Digital Processing software demo

AVDT-BOB Digital Signal Processing Overview

  • The AVDT-BOB manages 2 kinds of inputs and 2 kinds of outputs: AVDT-BOB_DSP_Overview
  • 2 to 4 analog Mic/Line inputs named “Mic/Line1”, ”Mic/Line2”… are coming from the Mic/Line In connectors
  • 4 Dante inputs named “Dante In1” up to “Dante In4“ are coming from Dante network via the Gigabit Ethernet Main or Aux ports.
  • 2 to 4 analog Line outputs named as “Out1”, “Out2”… are connected to Line Out connectors.
  • 4 Dante outputs named “Dante Out1” up to “Dante Out4“ are sending to Dante network via the Gigabit Ethernet Main or Aux ports.

The AVDT-BOB digital processing is divided in 3 main processing blocks interconnected:

  • The Input processing block
  • The Mixing processing block
  • The Output Processing block

The Input Processing block manages up to 4 analog Mic/Line inputs and the 4 Dante inputs. It delivers 4 Mic/Line Direct Out (just after preamp gain and phase inverter process) and 8 processed inputs that are sent to Mixing Processing and to Output Processing:

  • 4x Equalizations plus Limiter Compressor plus Noise gate processing can be assigned to 4 inputs (i.e. Mic/Line or Dante inputs).
  • 8x faders allow to manage the Mic/Line preamp gain and digital Dante input gain.
  • Each input can be enabled or muted and inverted.
  • 48V Phantom power can be set individually to any Mic/Line input.

The Mixing Processing block manages 4 independent Master mixers that are sent to the Output Processing Block.

  • Each Master mixer can mix up to 8 inputs (i.e. the Mic/Line and the Dante processed inputs) via individual faders controlling the input mixing gains.
  • Each input of a Master mixer can be enabled or muted.
  • Each mixer has an Master fader controlling the Master mixer output level.

The Output processing block manages up to 4 analog outputs and the 4 Dante outputs.
The source of any output can be selected between one of the 4 Mic/Line DirectOut or the 4 processed inputs (Mic/line and Dante) or the 4 Master mixers.

  • 4x Equalizations plus Limiter Compressor plus Noise gate processing are available on the 4 analog outputs.
  • 8x faders allow to manage the output gains.
  • Each output can be enabled or muted.