AuviTran » AxC-MADI



MADI offers a convenient and popular solution for transmission of up to 2×64 channels between two devices. AxC-MADI card provides the AuviTran Audio ToolBox platform with a cost effective gateway to MADI connected devices.

Combined with other AuviTran Audio ToolBox cards, the AxC-MADI card offers exciting possibilities to the professional audio systems:

  • Bridges between MADI and others pro-audio networks (Dante, Cobranet, EtherSound…), with unique connectivity possibilities (dynamic patching solution, remote control, ASIO recording/playback …)
  • MADI based stage boxes, in combination with the high performance AxC-AX4M high-end mic/line preamps cards and AX4O analog outputs cards


AxC-MADI card can be inserted into an AVBx3 or AVBx7 rack application:

Live applications

  • MADI audio stageboxes
  • MADI – EtherSound/Dante/Cobranet bridges

Fixed installations

  • MADI connected audio systems
  • Broadcast centers and installations