Just as every AxC card within the Audio ToolBox range, the AxC-DANTE can equally be used in AVBx3 or AVBx7 platforms.

Using one slot of either ToolBox, the AxC-DANTE allows to control Dante networks, but also to bridge them with other network configurations.

Key Features

64 Dante™ inputs and 64 Dante™ outputs @ 48Khz or 32 Dante™ inputs and 32 Dante™ outputs @ 96Khz

One integrated switch featuring 4x gigabit ports
– 2x EtherCon connectors (Primary/Secondary) for connection in switch or redundant mode
– 2x Ethernet RJ45 connectors (port 3 and port 4) to be used as integrated Gigabit switch ports

Combined with other AuviTran Audio ToolBox cards, the AxC-DANTE card opens exciting possibilities to the professional audio systems:
Can be transformed into :
– a flexible analog StageBox, when combined with a ToolBox (AVBx3 or AVBx7), AxC-AX4M high class mic/line preamps cards and AxC-AX4O analog output card.
– Up to 24 analog mic inputs can be monitored directly from a Yamaha Dante console, just as RIO™ Stagebox.
– Dante bridges in combination with any other network AxC card such as Dante-MADI, Dante-Cobranet, Dante-EtherSound bridges, thus smartly mixing connectivity.
– Can work as a Virtual Soundcard with any standard ASIO, WDM or Core Audio interface.


Live applications (stage-box mode)

  • Live concerts and recording
  • Live broadcast studios and OB Vans
  • Recording studios…
  • Stadiums, concert halls
Fixed installations (installation mode)

  • Public Address, paging systems, theme parks and resorts
  • Broadcast rack in central room
  • Theatres, bars, pubs discos
  • Exhibitions and conference centres