AxC-ADSP – ASRC and DSP card


Just as every AxC card within the Audio ToolBox range, the AxC-ADSP can equally be used in AVBx3 or AVBx7 platforms.
Using one slot of either ToolBox, the AxC-ADSP can acts as an Asynchronous Sample Rate Conversion (ASRC) card or as a Digital Signal Processing card.
ASRC enables to exchange audio channels between an AxC-Card working with at different frequency or with other clock domain than the other cards.

An AxC-ADSP card enables to exchange 128 IO channels at 2 different frequencies. It is an ASRC interface between one of the AxC audio network or digital interface card and any other Audio/Network AxC cards of an AVBx3 or AVBx7.

Up to 3xAxC-ADSP cards can be used in an AVBx7. They manage audio exchanges of up to 4x 128 IO channels with up to 4x different Audio Clock frequencies domain in only a 2U 19” frame. Each clock domain can be connected via an AxC audio network (Dante, AES67, CobraNet, EtherSound) or an AxC digital interfaces, (Madi, AES/EBU, ADAT).


The AxC-­ADSP is a smart solution to easily exchange audio channel between different audio network or digital interface working at different frequencies.

  • Digital audio Interconnexion of a networking audio system in a stadium, a theatre, an opera, a live concert to an incoming OB van to broadcast the event and synchronized with different clock source and different kind of interface (Dante, AES67, MADI, EtherSound, CobraNet, …)
  • Simply exchange a big number of audio channels between 2 different buildings without requesting to synchronized them together.
  • Management of multi rooms with different audio network or digital interfaces working at different frequencies with the capability to exchange, record or broadcast audio from/to anywhere