AuviTran’s AVS-Monitor is a Windows application that runs on a remote PC connected to DANTE and/or EtherSound networks, through standard Ethernet connections. AVS-Monitor can detect and control several DANTE and EtherSound devices, providing a vast set of controls for compatible devices.

AVS-Monitor is fully compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Seven for both 32 and 64 bits architecture.

AVS-Monitor comes several tools:

  • AVS-Monitor: user interface to control and monitor devices
  • AVS-Editor: offline EtherSound architecture editor
  • AVS-Control Panel: one interface to set all parameters

AVS-ESMonitor allows:

  • Automtic detection of connected EtherSound devices
  • Automatic discovery of EtherSound network architecture
  • Quick overview of audio assignment
  • Direct routing management from Source to Receivers
  • Control of more than 40 EtherSound devices type
  • Several instance running at the same time on same EtherSound network
  • Direct diagnosis of EtherSound network quality
  • Offline architecture building and management
  • Import/Export of full EtherSound architecture and properties
  • Macro usage to quickly switch from one configuration to another
  • Logging activity of EtherSound network to trace disconnection, architecture modification, …
  • Optionnal user management with login, password and three levels of access for each user
  • Advanced setup for fine-tuning application reactivity
  • Group management for specific devices
  • And many more to discover by yourself…

Latest release available : V6.74.14 released on July, 2021

What’s new

  • Evolution: improved clock management .
  • Evolution: automatic removal of obsolete firmwares.
  • Evolution: AVS-Monitor automatically detects a new release candidate or stable version and he suggest a background download to install it.
  • Fixed: max gain correction on GUI for the DT4O.
  • Fixed: Slot setup direct access after empty slot.
  • Fixed: Load offline configuration.
  • Fixed: AVS-Monitor crash after NXAMP setup change.
  • Fixed: Rio mode configuration for new Ax16M card family.
  • Fixed: AVBx Slot configuration if you have an empty slot.
  • Fixed: H1 GUI.
  • Fixed: Remote access on service.
  • Fixed: GUI for Ax16M familly.
  • Fixed: Backup and restore function for AVDT-BOB and AxC-DSP cards.
  • Fixed: Reload offline configuration.
  • Evolution: Restoration of a configuration with relative offset (independent of firmwares versions).
  • Evolution: New network configuration choice for the AxC-Dante on AES67 mode .
  • Evolution: New firmwares for AVBx.

Previous release : 6.70.15 released on September, 2020 .

What’s new

  • Evolution: Support extended ascii on channel name.
  • Evolution: Support New card AxC-16MO.
  • Fix: Critical bug on the SWD5G card parameters management.

For Windows XP pack3 ( EtherSound Only )