AVS-Monitor Latest version

New release candidate available : V6.71.02 released on November, 2020 .

What’s new

  • Evolution: AVS-Monitor automatically detects a new release candidate or stable version and he suggest a background download to install it.
  • Fix: Rio mode configuration for new Ax16M card family.
  • Fix: AVBx Slot configuration if you have an empty slot.
  • Fix: H1 GUI.
  • Fix: Remote access on service.
  • Fix: GUI for Ax16M familly.
  • Evolution: AxC-AVB, new firmware with RSVP bug fix.
  • Evolution: AxC-Dante, new firmware with improvement of initialization.
  • Evolution: AVBx7 / AVBX3M, new firmware:
    • Internal communication bus optimization to speed-up the Network/Toolbox and inter-card data transfer.
    • Load/save optimization to keep all configuration parameters after a Firmware Update, whenever possible .
    • Audio clock management improvement (increased reliability in case of bad/unstable clock source).
    • Improvement of the frequencies measurement accuracy for WCLK_IN and WCLK_OUT.
    • Improvement of AVBx3M / AVBx7 auto detection.
  • Evolution: DT4I, new firmware fix channels 3 / 4 audio inversion .

Last stable release : 6.70.15 released on September, 2020 .

What’s new

  • Evolution: Support extended ascii on channel name.
  • Evolution: Support New card AxC-16MO.
  • Fix: Critical bug on the SWD5G card parameters management.

For Windows XP pack3 ( EtherSound Only )