AVRed-ES100 is an EtherSound ES100 redundant links management device in a 19\” 1U rack box for safe audio distribution over Ethernet with ultimate low propagation delay.

AVRed-ES100 secures an EtherSound connection with 2 redundant links A/B, as well as automatic real time measurement of communication quality and 4 samples latency switch on the better link. AVRed-ES100 can work in pair with another AVDRed-ES100 unit for very low propagation delay, or as a single unit after a standard Ethernet switch for cost sensitive installations.

AVRed-ES100 integrates a DC power supply Aux plug and integrated survey logic, selecting the better power supply and able to automatically switch from one to any other in case of failure.

AVRed-ES100 enables network remote installation survey, thanks to its native integrated network status report capability. It also provides a local 3rd port for controlling a complete ES100 network.

Product for Distribution, routing and control of audio for live and touring installations :

  • Live broadcast PA/announcements
  • Live entertainment and concerts
  • TV and Radio Outside Broadcast
  • Itinerant Museums and Theatres

Product for Transportation public address :

  • Train and bus station terminals
  • Airport facilities and audio distribution
  • Cruise Ships paging including onboard entertainment and leisure centre audio facilities

Product for fixed installation with high quality Audio distribution, paging and zone management:

  • Stadium, Opera, theatre, museum and arts centres
  • Theme parks and resorts
  • Public Address: touring and fixed sound reinforcement
  • Broadcasting
  • Office blocks, corporate boardrooms and buildings PA

Architecture samples

Applications schema for AVRed-ES100

Technical Specifications

Size 483 x 253 x 44mm (19″ rack / 1U Height)
Power Consumption <50 Watts
Power Supply 100-240VAC 50/60Hz 1.5A Max
Storage: Temp/Humidity – 5°C to 70°C / Max. 95% (non-condensing)
Operating: Temp/Humidity 5°C to 40°C / 5% to 80% (non-condensing)
Front panel Active link running ; Quality Status of both Links A and B ; Rx and Tx Network and Links Activites ; In or Out Mode selected for device ; Power On Display ; Main and Aux Power supply status
Rear panel 1xON/OFF switch ; 1xIEC Power inlet for main AC Power Supply ; 1×6 pole Euroblock Connector for auxiliary DC power supply ; 1xDB9 for serial port ; 2xBNC for Word Clock ; 4xNeutrik Ethercon RJ45
AVRed-ES100 Features
3 Operating modes set by external dip switch
  • Mode IN: EtherSound Input to 2 resilient links
  • Mode OUT on AVRed-ES100: 2 resilient links coming from an AVRed-ES100 device
  • Mode OUT on Switch: 2 resilient links coming from an Ethersound compatible Switch
EtherSound ES100 port
  • IN or OUT port depending of operating mode selected
  • 3rd port for remote ES100 network control
Resilient Link A and B with automatic selection of best link
Pass-through Latency 2.8µs in AVRed-ES100 – AVRed-ES100 Mode
Approx 22µs in Switch – AVRed-ES100 Mode
Link Switching latency 4 samples (83µs at 48 kHz)
Clock Provides 48 kHz clock when Primary Master
Temp / Fan monitoring
Temp Monitoring Network Monitoring of Temperature inside the Box
PSU Monitoring Network Monitoring of PSU failure for Main and Aux power supply
2 Fan Control modes
  • Automatically Controlled by internal Temperature
  • Off for noise redutcion
Development and Integration Environment
OS Supported Windows XP/Vista/Seven, 32 and 64 bits
ES-Monitor ES-Monitor enables to remotely set, control and monitor an EtherSound network and provides enhanced property pages to manage the AVRed-ES100 specific parameters.
Network Management Links status, Temperature and PSU Aux/Main monitoring
Fan remote setting and Remote serial port configuration