AVP4-ES100 – Compact ES100 Amplifier

AuviTran’s AVP4-ES100 is a configurable dual 20W/8Ω or quad 10W/8Ω integrated stand-alone EtherSound digital power amplifier.

AVP4-ES100 is ideal for Public Address and Voice Alarm systems.

Build-in AVP4-ES100 parametric equalizers and Dynamic Range Control (DRC) allows speaker and room correction to enhance audio quality and intelligibility in any environment.

AVP4-ES100 is able to automatically detect priority announcement messages and switch on with selectable nominal value level output, thanks to a smart automated software programmable trigger.

Speaker fault monitoring at any time allows remote and local alerts in case of speaker failure.

Standard RJ45 and fast-wiring connectors are available for EtherSound links, to allow a ridiculously easy and fast installation.

A set of 4 GPI and 4 GPO makes the AVP4-ES100 locally or remotely controllable.

GPOs connector are configurable to be used as standard RS232 interface or 150mW headphones output.

Product for fixed installation with high quality Audio distribution, paging and zone management:

  • Stadium, museum and arts centres
  • Opera, theatre dressing rooms
  • Theme parks and resorts
  • Public Address: fixed sound reinforcement
  • Government or administrative offices
  • Exhibition and conference Centres
  • Security, voice alarm systems
  • Exhibition and conference Centres

Product for Transportation public address:

  • Train and bus station terminals
  • Airport facilities and audio distribution
  • Cruise Ships including onboard entertainment
  • Paging system for music and announcements
Size 145 mm x 40 mm x 202 mm
Power Consumption <50 Watts
Power Supply 100-240V~ 50/60Hz 1.4A Max (Phase / Neutral / Earth)
Storage: Temp/Humidity (non-condensing) -5°C to 70°C / Max 95%
Operating: Temp/Humidity (non-condensing) 0°C to 50°C / 5% to 90%
Connectors 1×6 pole Euroblock connector (pitch 5.08mm) for AC power supply; 1×4 pole double row Euroblock connector (pitch 3.81mm) for speaker output; 1×6 pole double row Euroblock Connector (pitch 3.81mm) for GPIO. 2x RJ45 connectors for network connections. 2×4 pole Euroblock Connectors (pitch 3.81 mm) for network connections.
Audio I/O
Inputs N/A
Outputs Up to 4 extracted from any of the 128xEtherSound™ channels(64 upstream or 64 downstream)
Audio Specifications
Total Output Power 2x20W RMS or 4x10W RMS outputs under 8Ω loads / 150mW Headphones output
Frequency response 20Hz – 20Khz @ -3dB
GPIO Specifications
GP In 4x Opto-isolated. +60Vdc maximum input voltage.
GP Out 4x +60Vdc/1A open drain Darlington per GPO. Internal +24Vdc available (100mA max).
Development and Integration Environment
OS Supported Windows XP/Vista/Seven, 32 and 64 bits
ES-Monitor ES-Monitor enables to remotely set, control and monitor an EtherSound network and provides enhanced control pages to manage the AVP4-ES100 specific parameters.
Development Tools A high-level AuviTran Application Programming Interface, IP based, can be provided to the third-party developer to provide direct access to the internal parameters via a PC program, subject to certain terms and conditions.
  • AVP4-ES100 Compact EtherSound digital amplifier with 4xGPIO
  • AVx4-SPDIF-DELAY Add-on internal card for delay and SPDIF input with SRC for AVA4-ES100 or AVP4-ES100
  • Rack AVA4/AVP4 19″ rack support for up to 3x AVA4-100 or 3x AVP4-100