AVM500-ES is an EtherSound Network Matrix in a 19” 1U rack box designed for linking and routing up to 5 EtherSound Networks together. AVM500-ES Integrates a full matrix router of 320 x 320 audio channels.

AVM500-ES enhances EtherSound standard daisy chain connection and makes it possible to build star architectures of mixed bidirectional EtherSound or ES100 devices or sub-network. Multi AVM500-ES can be ringed together using their twin IN and OUT A Ports to create a redundant ring of EtherSound Networks. AVM500-ES has an auxiliary power supply input to build safety systems.

AVM500-ES enables network remote installation monitor and control, thanks to its native integrated network status report capability. Any AVM500-ES can be fully monitored and controlled from a PC using ESMonitor software (available for free download from AuviTran web site). AuviTran’s ES-Monitor is a Windows-based application running on a remote PC connected to the EtherSound™ network, which allows automatic discovery and management of AVM500-ES products.

Product recommended for Distribution, routing and control of audio for live and touring installations :

  • Live broadcast PA/announcements
  • Live entertainment and concerts
  • TV and Radio Outside Broadcast
  • Electro acoustic music productions
  • Itinerant Museums and Theatres

Product for fixed installations with high quality Audio distribution, paging and zone management:

  • Stadium, Opera, theatre, museum and arts centres
  • Theme parks and resorts
  • Public Address: touring and fixed sound reinforcement
  • Electro acoustic music productions
  • Broadcasting
  • Office blocks, corporate boardrooms and buildings PA

Broadcast and Studio:

  • Radio and TV Studio recording
  • AES/EBU routing network matrix for broadcast
  • Recording and monitoring studio
  • Multi channels Broadcasting

Any System requesting bidirectional star architectures

Architecture samples

Technical Specifications

Size 483 x 253 x 44mm (19′ rack / 1U Height)
Power Consumption $lt;50 Watts
Power Supply 100-240VAC 50/60Hz 47W Max
Storage: Temp/Humidity – 5°C to 70°C / 0% to 95% (non-condensing)
Operating: Temp/Humidity 0°C to 40°C / 5% to 90% (non-condensing)
Front panel Network and links Rx and Tx Activities; Active synch running ; Power Main, Aux and On Display
Rear panel 1 IEC Power inlet; 7 Neutrik Ethercon RJ45 ; 1×6 poles Euroblock Connector; Dip switches for Modes setting; 1 BNC for word clock synch in; 1 DB9 connector for serial port
AVM500-ES Features
EtherSound Network Segment 5 EtherSound Network Segemnts interconnections : A (In, Out), B, C, D, E
EtherSound IN POrt 1 EtherSound IN Port: AIn
EtherSound OUT Port 5 EtherSound OUT Port: AOut, B, C, D and E
ES-100 to ES-100 Latency 6 Samples (125µs at 48kHz)
Digital Audio Channels 320 (5×64) Input Audio Channels and 320 (5×64) Output Audio Channels
Matrix/Patch size 320×320 full cross matrix with remote control patch via EtherSound
Any individual output audio channel can be muted or patched to any of the 320 available input audio channels
Remote Control Via EtherSound or from Ethernet PC Remote link
Other I/O RS232 Serial port
Clock Synchronisation mode
  • 48 kHz local clock (when Primary Master) or EtherSound Betwork (when not PM)
  • Word clock In used for synchronisation
Temp / Fan monitoring
Temp Monitoring Network Monitoring of Temperature inside the Box
PSU Monitoring Network Monitoring of PSU Failure for Main and Aux power supply
4 Fan Control modes set by external dip switch
  • Automatically Controlled by internal Temperature
  • Software set (via ES Monitor)
  • Full speed
  • Off
Development and Integration Environment
OS Supported Windows XP/Vista/Seven, 32 and 64 bits
ES-Monitor ES-Monitor enables to remotely set, control and monitor an EtherSound network and provides enhanced property pages to manage the AVM500-ES specific parameters.
Network Management Links status, Power supply status, Temperature monitoring, Fan remote control and PSU Aux/Main remote contro
  • AVM500-ES Matrix routeur 5xEtherSound ES100 ports