Networking technologies : yes, we can train you !

Sometimes you may feel a bit lost with all this digital audio “thing” around. Yes, this is efficient and easy-to-use and user friendly but… Still, you wonder which technology to choose : are they worth it ? What difference between Dante, EtherSound, Cobranet ? What applications ? And what if …

Don’t worry, we have been there before – down the way, we learnt the benefits of each digital networking technology and even contributed to their development (at least one of them for sure). Networking audio is our bread and butter, we know them by heart (well, almost then).


You can rely on AuviTran’s expertise in this area, and you can also rely on our capacity to transmit our knowledge to your staff. Sure, we are experts on EtherSound and we will teach you every bit about it. Sure, we are fluent in DANTE, since we introduced this protocol into our own developments and products.

We are ready to share this knowledge with you and address your needs when it comes to networking audio for professionals. AuviTran has provided training programs to many audio experts for years now, to help them expand their capacity in networking technologies.

Our team is accustomed to dealing with field technicians, networking experts and all staff members of yours who are curious about this pro audio part.


AuviTran has been appointed by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research as “Training Center” (Agrément du Ministère de l’Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche).

So, will you be next ?