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What if … we design for you ?
You have the idea – we have the skills. And the tools, too. 

We take care of developing the audio networking solutions you dream of,  including the software, hardware and embedded firmware, and your test benches too. Or we can do that separately.


How do we do that ?

We carefully take your specifications into account before we get started. We can provide the necessary assistance in drafting your specifications. We can include the certification steps whenever necessary, and we define the right development schedule, in accordance with your timeline and constraints. This is what we commit on.
We will also be happy to provide technical studies before we start designing for you.

You may save on your product development as AuviTran is currently eligible to French CIR (Crédit d’Impôt Recherche).


Our expertise, your choice for manufacturing

Once the design and development are completed, it is time to run the test benches. Of course, we develop them for you.
Now we can have your product manufactured for you. We have built strong relations with industrial partners we can rely on. Should you prefer to take control, no problem – we will deliver the blueprints to the manufacturing facility of your choice.

Cherry on the cake, we commit on the result of the work – our contract with you covers all aspects of development, from engineering to delivery, no matter how many nights we spend on the job.


What we are good at

Our areas of expertise cover the design and development of control and monitoring software, for Linux and Windows environments. We have a long expertise on system monitoring too. Our software department will be happy to design tailor-made tools for your system.

We are also experts on system architecture and implementation, and hardware development, using DSP and FPGA.
Globally, we will develop your embedded firmware, electronic cards and devices, using either Dante, EtherSound or CobraNet network technologies, or any audio standard interface, whether digital or analogic.
Yes, we do all that.

Should you have technical or schedule constraints, we can design faster using our own AuviTran products that we will customize for you. This is particularly easy with our smart, flexible and sustainable AudioToolbox, which allows us to work on a large basis.


Our experience

We have already realized numerous projects of cards DANTE, Cobranet, Madi, EtherSound and many others, for our partners who are up for sale today.

You have a project ? Let’s discuss : design@auvitran.com

OEM is our fast develoment and integration solution for you !




AVDM-ES: OEM EtherSound micro card



AVDM-MB: AVDM-ES Mother Board



AVCM2-MB: ES100 card for cobranet