Smart, expandable and sustainable: meet AuviTran’s versatile and flexible platforms bringing convergence among network technologies and audio interfaces.

With two 19” rack chassis AVBx3 and AVBx7 both available in StageBox or Installation modes, plus 14 interface cards, build the configuration you need.





AVBx3: Audio ToolBox- Installation mode


AVBx7: Audio ToolBox- Installation mode


AVBx3: Audio ToolBox- Stagebox mode


AVBx7: Audio ToolBox- Stagebox mode


Network cards


Digital cards


Analog cards


Audio ToolBox is also a perfect match for Break Out Boxes: your inputs and outputs for one network. With one Equipment.


Break Out Boxes


From DANTE to EtherSound, Cobranet to EtherSound, DANTE to MADI … Or vice-versa, build your own network bridge as you please. All fits in one box – a real piece of cake.


Audio ToolBox Network Bridges


AuviTran provides state-of-the-art software for monitoring, remote controlling and updating your devices. AVS-Monitor allows access to a wide range of devices from several manufacturers: not only your AuviTran device will flawlessly work with AVS-Monitor, but many Equipment from NEXO, Yamaha, Digigram – among others. Cherry on the cake : AVS-Network ASIO Streamer provides ASIO playback and record to the EtherSound world.